Thursday, 27 February 2014

24 February Session

Hi there

This week's Monday session was quite an interesting one in so many ways, and with a couple of surprises. During the usual chatter and banter that goes on here, one member had received a speeding ticket after returning from an exhibition. Now I could understand the issuing of a ticket to someone who was in a hurry to get to an exhibition - but one for leaving?

East Yorks coastline WIP oils

I would make an educated guess and say that if you are an artist of any sorts- be it as a hobby, amateur or semi-professional , then you would belong to at least one society or group in your area. There are 3 that I belong to: one very local, informal group which meets weekly in a nearby village; one Life Drawing group some 15 miles away which meets once a month in town; and finally one more structured group also around 15 miles away in Goole which also meets weekly. Each is different having their own characteristics and make-up.

Winter Landscape in watercolour.

At the nearby one we sit around chatting about local issues, folks, events, family etc as we are close to each other, with the lady who's home we use provides us with tea, biscuits and sometimes cake too! We club together and buy lottery tickets; it's more like a friendly social club than serious art group. We have no remit other than to take along our own projects and happily work away while in the company of other artists. The Goole group is a lot more structured having demonstrations, workshops and plenty of time doing our own projects which we are proud to show at our own, and the town's exhibitions. We also sit around and chat away, sharing jokes, taking the mickey and enjoying our time.

However, the Life Drawing group is always very, very quiet. It's like being in a library. Folks only speak to decide the format and timing of poses, during the break before the final 40-odd minute pose, or when we look at each others work as we pack up. There is no aim to the group other than to work on nudes, which does improve your overall drawing ability. We have no exhibition, workshops or anything. Is the silence simply due to the 'subject matter' -  meaning that working with nudes has to be seen as serious because it is a serious subject, no tomfoolery or banter of any sorts allowed? Or, is it simply due to the 'character' of the artists working? Maybe it's because nude models can be difficult to find, so we must all spend our time with them in deep concentration? Of course, I could also simply be reading far too much into things.

Highlands acrylic.
 This led me to thinking that different artists have their own quirks and ways of working. Me for example, I always have music on when I get the sable watercolour brushes, the synthetic acrylic or occasionally the hog bristle oil brushes out - it's usually a mix of 70's with a handful of Led Zep thrown in for good measure. Does anyone else have any quirks they 'must have' to get them into a productive mood? Perhaps you too have a certain variety of music, or prefer total silence, or nip in and out of the room whilst doing other jobs during drying time?

Five Dr Who's WIP
From now on I would like to include a small selection of photo's taken from the current week's Monday night. This foirst one shows a couple of completed works along with a couple of WIP's. Hopefully it gives folks a taste of what we do, how individuals build their work up and to showcase some that would otherwise get 'missed', which is a great shame. Hope you enjoy them.

Finally, this coming Monday night (3 March) is a portrait night. Everyone is welcome to come along, bring whatever materials you prefer to use to help you get some form of a portrait down in the 2 hours allowed. Small charge for non-members.

Until next week.


Thursday, 20 February 2014

2014 Hobbies Exhibition

Hi there!

This is a quick 'head's up' for those who don't already know, or are new to following our Society.

Each year we take part in the annual 'Hobbies Exhibition' which is held at the town's Leisure Centre, just down from the Clock Tower Roundabout in Goole, with this year's being on Saturday 8 March.

Being a then new member I went last year for the first time, and to say I was amazed at the size of it is one large understatement! Over two floors, which also includes the indoor sports hall, plus the outside sports area (which is used for archery) are packed with stand after stand of just about every hobby and pastime you could think of. Radio to motorbikes, art to astronomy, wargaming to hand made jewellery, model railways to gardening, woodturning, card making, crochet - it seemingly leaves nothing out.

We had a good stand on the end of a middle aisle which gave us three sides to display our work to an inquisitive public. Most of our members put in three works, arranged on John's cleverly hand made display stand so there was plenty to look at with most forms of art on show. We even held our own 'live' event as John himself proceeded to eat an apple whilst working on a pencil drawing of one of the Hobbits from Lord of the Rings! The public were in awe of him.

We would of course love to see anyone who lives within distance to come along, say hello and stop for a chat with us. It just may help set you off on an interesting, cheap (all you need to start is pencil and paper) hobby. We can offer advice, help and suggestions to help you get going or just to try and overcome any problems you may have. Crikey - we may even manage to sign you up as a member!

After this year's event we will have a selection of new photo's to show you along with, no doubt, a few stories to go along with.

Hope to see you there on 8 March!


Monday, 17 February 2014

Bridlington Spa Exhibition



Currently we have two of our members taking part in the above exhibition - Pat Thompson and Rob Moffat, who along with a third Yorkshire artist Phil Hargreaves are putting on an exhibition of oils, watercolours and prints of coastal scenes and landscapes, both local and worldwide. It runs until 22 February 2014. Original work and prints are available to purchase.

Last week I contacted our local BBC radio station - BBC Radio Humberside - who were good enough to give the event a plug during their peak afternoon show presented by Phil White, who is himself an amateur artist. Phil recently had a piece of his work admitted to this year's Ferens Art Gallery in Hull - quite a prestigious achievement in its own right.


Today Phil revealed on air that over the weekend he had been to the Spa to look at the exhibition and was very impressed indeed with the standard of work on display. So much so that he heartily encouraged anyone in the area before the 22 February to pop along and have a look round. They will not be disappointed.

Great news for Pat and Rob, and for the art group itself to have these two talented artists counted amongst its membership.


Goole Art Society

Hi there

Welcome to the Goole Art Society's Blog!

Nothing helps boost an artist's morale more than being supported & encouraged, so thanks for taking the time to look, hopefully you will like what we do & will revisit to see new work during the course of the year.

Our members are like any other - varied in ability, age, experience and in the mediums they use, but each Monday night during term time is always an enjoyable evening. We are not a teaching society as such, but if anyone has any related problems then we have a wealth of experience to help keep them going. Members provide & use their own materials, usually working on their own projects, but we do also have themed nights such as life drawing with a clothed model, still life, visiting artists, demonstrations & workshops.

Helping to give us goals to aim for are the three exhibitions we have anually, all held in the town. The first is in March as part of the Hobbies Exhibition at the Leisure Centre, this year's date is on March 8th; second is the Summer Exhibition which we hold aboard a floating barge at the region's Inland Waterways Museum on 'Barge 58' (2014 dates to be confirmed); third is the Society's Winter Exhibition held in the town's Museum which is above the Library, across from the market and Clock Tower with ample parking close by.

Thanks once again & if as a fellow artist you can follow, like, add, join, support or whatever then we will be thrilled - especially if you decided to post a comment too!