Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday 10 March 2014

Hi there - welcome back!

Two posts in one week - whatever next? I hope you all have the strength for this, so here goes.

Well, after Saturday's events which I wrote up & posted yesterday, my memory lapse (we all get older and have forgetful times) kicked in. I cannot believe you did not know that it all ended on a sour not for me - I DROPPED one of my works on the way back to the car during packing up! The frame split and is totally ruined, but on the plus side the glass did not break. That would have been the last thing I needed, running round with a dustpan and brush. The main thing of course was that the work was not damaged. PHEW!

Anyway, enough of that as I've posted just about everything relevant of that day's events, so on with Monday.

Having recovered from the dropping incident & managing to salvage my piece of work I thought that was it, but on the way to this week's art group we were feet away from disaster as a deer decided to play 'chicken' & run out across the front of my car as Phil & I drove there. We live in a predominantly flat, open part of the country, but this deer was hiding in a ditch running paralel with the road, so remained hidden until it 'sprung in to action'. I swerved, Phil grabbed the door handle & the deers life flashed in front of it. Luckily all three of us stayed safe, if not all enjoying the resulting increased heart-rate.

We hoped that we may have encouraged seven new members during Saturday, with three being what I would call 'serious' potential members. Imagine our surprise then when two of them turned up Monday evening! Wonderful news I hear you all say - and indeed it is. Hopefully we will have done enough to entice them back again and again.

Gillian's pencil work.
Brian working on one for his grandson.
Iulian's pencil flasks.

Gillian uses pencil or paint for her landscapes, but her favourite way to work is this new fashion using iPads. That is something none of us 'old 'uns' have any experience of, so it will be very interesting to see how it all works when she brings her iPad along. Richard also started out with pencil, but I have to admit to not remembering what else he uses. What I do know is that he is keen on nature and wildlife studies, and he began his first evening with us working on a pencil landscape of Spurn Point. Readers who are unfamiliar with this place please look it up on the Internet as you will find the history of the place and it's natural history quite fascinating, I can assure you.

So, there we have it, something of a mixed couple of days, but all ending on a very encouraging note.

I'm sorry for the late posting of this week's blog & its shortish nature but my wife & I have had a busy sort of week with a couple of important appointments for us at home & away which have restricted my time. I would like to think that this week will be just about as normal as I can get!


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